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Scottish clans are kinship organizations. Historically, clans were sophisticated institutions which defined the political landscape of medieval Scotland. Clans were headed by chiefs and bonded by a common territory, and were as varied as the diverse geography of Scotland. They were integral to the feudal society of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and were also present throughout the Lowlands, particularly in the Borders region. The word "clan" derives from the Gaelic clann, literally meaning children, showing how kinship (both real and fictional) was key to the understanding of Gaelic society. Rather than being limited to strict blood relation as we might today view it, however, clan kinship extended to include the whole community who were viewed as an extended family. The members of historical clans were closely bonded by shared territory, resources, and customs.  

Today, Clan Organizations are modern social institutions with an interest in preserving history and traditions, exploring genealogy, and promoting global kinship ties. Clan Organizations have a mission of promoting a sense of shared history and identity among the Scottish diaspora. Like Scottish Festivals and Highland Games, they provide the opportunity to engage with your heritage and to forge connections in a modern world. 

Many Clans have a chief. Some, at present, do not because the genealogical connection to past Chiefs has been lost and await the day a Chief is identified or selected.

The Chiefship of a Clan is regulated by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland by regulation of arms.

Participating Clans 2024

Honored Clan 2024 - Clan MacFarlane 

Arthur - 37

Bell - 36

Cameron - 22

Campbell - 3 & 4

Farquharson - 24

Forsyth - 0

Gordon - 26

Grant - 12

Graham - 16

Gregor - 25

Hay - 29

Hunter - 18

Johnstone - 10

Kincaid - N6

Lamont - 1 

MacIntyre - 33 & 34

MacKay - 2

McGillvray - 11

McLachlan - 6 & 7 

McClellan - 19

MacLeod - N7

MacNab - 20 & 21

Matheson - 14 & 15

Maxwell - N8

McBride - 31 & 32

SAMS - 30

Scottish District Families Assoc. - 23

Stewart - 

Wallace - 36 

Watson - 27 & 28

Young - 17

Utah Scottish Association - 5

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