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Our Board

Payson Scottish Festival is organized by the
Payson Scottish Festival Board, a volunteer organization.

President: Bill Elrick -

Vice President: Maggie Munro -


Treasurer: Krystal Elrick -

Recording Secretary: Caroll Elrick –

Merchandise Vendors: Steve Elrick -

Clans: DeAnne Thomas -

Pipes Bands: Kerrie Welton -

Pipe Bands MC: Doug Welton -

Pipe Bands:  Kent Boykin -

Santa In July - Dodd Greer -

Kids Games: Mark Sears -

Kids Games: Logan Millsap -

Information Booth: Emma Taylor

Website & Entertainment: Maggie Munro -

Athletics: Aubri Fulton -


Food Vendors: Larry & Cheryl Brown -

Parade, Ceremonies, Massed Bands: April Jones -

Highland Dancing: Liz Archibald -


Facilities: Tiki King -

Welsh Cakes Booth - Kim Smith -

Welsh Cakes Booth - Alissa Thomas -

Advisor - Janeen Dean -


Chieftain 2024 - Payson Mayor, Bill Wright (40th Anniversary)

Chieftain 2023 - Payson Mayor,  Bill Wright

Chieftain 2021, 2022 - Sydney Young

Chieftain 2018, 2019 - Dan Lamont

Chieftain 2016, 2017 - Gordon DeWaal

Chieftain 2014, 2015 - Bob Gallimore

Chieftain 2012, 2013 - Mike Findlay

Chieftain 2010, 2011 - Dodd Greer

Chieftain 2009 -  Kevin McDonald

Chieftain 2008 - Jerry Chatwin (25th Honorary Anniversary)

Chieftain 2007 - Kevin McDonald

Chieftain 2005, 2006 - Arnold Young

Chieftain 2003, 2004 - Helen Scott

Chieftain 2001, 2002 - Gordon Orr

Chieftain 1999, 2000 - Burtis Bills

Chieftain 1994, 1998 - Robert A. Carte

Chieftain  1995,1996 - David Barclay

Chieftain 1993, 1994 - Bill Orton

Chieftain 1991,1992 - LeRay McAllister

Chieftain 1989,1990 - Joseph Cannon

Chieftain 1987,1988 - Eldon Money

Chieftain 1986 - Jim Ferguson

Chieftain 1985 - Gary Anderson

Chieftain 1984 - Val Oveson


A brief history of the Highland Gmaes

According to oral tradition, some version of the Celtic/Gaelic Highland Games predates Christianity.  These gatherings were basically war games held with the intent to select the best warriors in each family tribe or clan.

The first Games in Scotland were organized in the 11th Century and specifically designated as a sporting event. During the reign of King Malcom III (1058-1093), the Brae O¹Mar, a fairly flat meadowland along the river Dee, was used for a royal contest to find the swiftest and strongest in the kingdom.  The winners needed to be fast and have the necessary stamina to carry

King Malcom¹s messages across the land.

Games were held throughout Scotland until the Battle of Culloden in 1746.After Bonnie Prince Charlie¹s defeat by the English, the Act of Proscription banned playing of the bagpipe, wearing of the kilt, gathering together of the people, and the carrying of arms under the penalty of deportation or death. That effectively squelched a good part of the Highland culture, and literally destroyed the old clan structure.

After the repeal of the Proscription in the latter part of the 18th Century, Highland Societies began forming, and in 1781 the first society Gathering was held at Falkirk.  The success of this event led to the Gathering of the Clans and the Highland Games as we know them today.  By the end of the 1820’s Games were once again being held throughout Scotland. 


In the United States the first Highland Games were organized by the Highland Society of New York in the mid 1800’s.  The first games on the West Coast were held in San Francisco in 1865.

The first Highland Games in Payson Utah was in 1984.

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