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  40th Annual Payson Scottish Festival
July 12
th - 5pm - 9pm
July 13th - 9am - 6pm



Regional Festival in France

The Payson Scottish Festival Association would like to thank Payson City for its help with this year’s festival. A special thanks to Our Chieftain - Mayor Bill Wright and the Payson City Council Members –  Brett Christensen, Taresa Hiatt, Kirk Beecher, Brian Hulet, Anne Moss, and Ryan Rowley. Many thanks also goes to the Payson City Police Department and other City Departments, with special mention to Wes Barney and his Parks and Recreation Crew.

No pets/animals are allowed at Memorial Park!
(This is a Payson City Ordinance).
Trained Service Animals (NOT ESA's) will be allowed. 



As we join together in celebrating our Scottish heritage with many activities, we hope the time spent will be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience to one and all. We appreciate your efforts to help us as we strive for a quality and uplifting atmosphere.

To ensure a fun and safe time for all who have come to enjoy the day’s activities, we suggest the following:

(1) Please stay off the Athletics field. The athletic events require respect for your safety. The implements thrown can be dangerous if you trespass on the field.

(2) Do not disturb or distract the competitors or the judges. All competitors – dancers, pipers, drummers and athletes – need to concentrate on their performances.

(3) Please refrain from talking to them as they prepare to perform. Neither spectators nor parents are allowed to speak to any of the judges or evaluators before or during the competition.

(4) Please keep all swords and knives sheathed during the games. It would be very unfortunate if someone was injured and could not enjoy the games.

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